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Brokerage – Accounting practice sales for over two decades.

We are all aware that the Accounting Profession is a maturing one – change is a given. Yet with this change, come huge possibilities and potentials for increased earnings and income. Whether purchasing outright, selling or merging, our professional support is completely behind you to help you achieve your aim.


We actively help to position you for growth and success, whether through outright purchase, adding a parcel of fees to your existing ones or merging with another firm. With many years of experience and hundreds of closed deals to our name, we help you achieve you objectives in pursuing an acquisition with complete discretion and professionalism.


It is difficult to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction as well as engage in the sales and negotiation process all at the same time. Using Jadeja Partners and as our client, you have our total focus to ensure a smooth transaction. You will be confident and comfortable in the understanding and making of the deal. Aware of any pitfalls and most importantly getting it right.


Not all sales are outright; focus in practices can change over time and what suited once may be better sold to others.
For purchasers – fees that enhance your position exponentially can be a quicker way to improve your returns.
Work load reductions or growth through the sale or purchase of fees, can help both parties achieve goals faster and seamlessly.


Jadeja Partners is available to guide you through your merger. Our consultancy process helps you assess the right cultural and financial fit between firms. We will work with each party to identify both their business and personal goals. Identify areas of agreement and difference;  develop strategies to close the gaps for alignment of interests and a successful merger.

Discretion and confidentiality during the entire process.