Tailored Solutions:
Create, Grow and Protect.

We are all aware that the Accounting Profession is a maturing one – change is a given.

Yet with this change, come huge possibilities and potentials for increased earnings and income. Whether looking to grow, consolidate or exit our professional support is completely behind you to help you achieve your aim.

Add-on Services:

Transaction Consulting

Running the transaction, preparing for sale (eg IM) and phone based support.

Board of Advice

Attend Board of Advice meetings to help facilitate succession and growth.

Succession Planning

Facilitation workshop and development of succession plan.

Maximise Value on Sale

Identify areas to work on maximising value on sale.

Due Diligence Support

Engagement to bring in team of advisors.

Post Sales Support

Consulting service to assist post completion.

Lending Support

Packaging up requirements for lending purposes and helping get loan approved.

Employee Share Plans

Tailored solutions based on specific needs of the practice.

Add-on Products – tried and tested.

Data Migrators

Data Migration

Don’t forget the DATA.
Enterprise Due Diligence.
Data migration services.

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Three Property

SMSF Property Management
Individual Clientele to Corporate Asset Management

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Added Value Coporation

Added Value Corporation

Can Thea help with your practice management meetings and training?

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Professional websites, digital marketing, and design agency.

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